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Fruit, in alabaster




Lead, copper and steel mesh
Willow Spiral


A living garden feature in willow


Charred yew with lead detail
Iguana conversation

"Iguana conversation"

Clay, resin and tin
Willow tunnel at children's nursery

"Willow Tunnel"

Living willow tunnel at Surestart children's nursery

Sue Benenson

Sue Benenson is a sculptor with a local reputation as a wood-carver and creator of mixed-media reliefs. Originally carving three dimensional images of a biomorphic character that proved popular as garden sculpture, she has recently become interested in shallow reliefs constructed from wood, lead, raku'd clay, copper and stone. These pieces focus on a spatially defined context or frame-work that functions like a small door or casement. They explore ideas of intimacy and containment, memory and absence, passages and thresholds. They seek to reflect upon specifically female paradoxes of privacy and display, fragility and endurance.

She has a wide and varied practise as an artist/facilitator, working with children and adults on inter-active communal projects and is happy to discuss proposals with schools, hospitals, community centres etc.
She is a living willow practitioner, making large-scale, landscape pieces for public and private clients. She creates giant processional figures to order or in collaboration.

Sue lives and works in Brill, Buckinghamshire, UK and is happy to accept commissions or to welcome interested visitors to her studio.
Telephone: 01844 238245

Artwork copyright ©Sue Benenson
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